Hello, I am Jayaraj.

Digital Marketing Consultant, in field since 2009. Strategy? Planning? Implementation? You name it, I am your genie. I have been providing assistance to Indian, US, UK and Singapore clients so far. Next could be you!

Digital Marketer & Digital Business Strategist

Specialized in Search Engine Optimization, Paid Marketing and Web Development.


Years of Experience


Designing website UI using information architecture to prepare it for the best user experience.


Multiple platform marketing process, includes branding, lead generation and online sales.


Wordpress, HTML and custom PHP based web development for static and dynamic requirements.


Planning and implementation of transforming a business to its digital era.

  • Digital Marketing98%
  • Web Design & Development92%
  • Digital Strategy96%

My Career History & Timeline

Bare witness to what I have done so far in my life.


Years Old

  1. May 2004

    finished 12th Grade

    Major subjects

    My interest remained in computers since 2001, yet I joined Electronics.

    My Achievements

    Completed 12th grade as school topper.

    What I learned

    Experience is more important than textbooks.

  2. June 2007

    I Learned the Beginner's Chapter In Life

    Completed my 3-year term at Govt. Polytechnic College in Aviation Electronics. A mixed timeline of life taught me what is life with losses and wins.

    To know what you are stepping into, it is important to experience it firsthand. I stepped into my first job with a lot of expectations, but it was revealed to me as a door-to-door sales job with an unrealistic culture. I couldn't take it any further and decided to have industry-specific knowledge to get a white-collar job.

  3. December 2007

    Started Career with Reliance BPO Pvt Ltd.

    My Contributions

    I was only able to perform below expectations in the initial stages. With the right motivation called respect, I was able to outperform every other in the team. My curiosity paved the way to contribute to managerial responsibilities and creative festivals.

    My Achievements

    Performing low under one team leader and becoming the best with another. This made me see one important factor in work life, which is, to have the right people in your life. Learned that being a workaholic is rewarding and at the same time the expectations grow bigger. The next thing is never to stop learning, it is a never-ending process.

  4. September 2009

    Started working for 247 Virtual Assistants

    My Contributions

    As a workaholic, I spent most of my time on the work I did. cared to bring out the best in everything I engaged in. New learnings and my curiosity brought the best result.

    My Achievements

    Even in the short term, I was awarded a special recognition for the work that I have contributed.

    What I learned

    When you commit yourself to something, there is only one outcome: success. This understanding made me go further in the way of success in future.

  5. September 2011

    Founded FOURTISEVEN Digital Marketing (47 Digital)

    Started as a small business, Fourtiseven Social Media Branding which is later rephrased as 'Fourtiseven Digital Marketing'. The idea is to explore the opportunity social media brought to us. Even before Facebook launched the marketing process with a platform.

    One thing is sure, mine was the first Social Media Management business in Kerala, God's Own Country. In fact, it could be the first all over India, who knows? The start wasn't that pretty I admit, and I agree with how difficult it is to teach/make people aware of something even though that is so vital to them. There were rejections, yet a few very understanding people helped me continue this voyage in the beginning, and I am grateful to them.

    Worked in so many different roles, yet I decided I should call myself a digital marketing specialist rather than the fancy founder or owner. I had a trusted group of people and teams who could handle the additional queries with expertise to keep the quality in line with the project. I have upgraded my knowledge in every step to make sure that I should be able to answer my client's questions. Then it changed from technical know-how to strategy building and implementation. Gradually started taking on consulting projects along with regular digital marketing clients.

  6. April 2019


    MY APPS Solutions PVT LTD. [Bengaluru/US]

    Marketing of internal products in IoT and related applications. Brand marketing and lead generation is the primary project initiated under my supervision. The SaaS application marketing has been completed with precision-related marketing using Google ads and Social platforms. The application was targeted at a business-related audience.

    My Achievements

    With a small change in the marketing strategy, the conversion ratio of the SaaS application changed from 0.4% to 1.47%. In the same quarter, the return changed tenfold with further investments.

  7. December 2019

    An Advanced Experience in Precision Marketing

    SkyPoint Cloud Inc. [Bengaluru/US]

    When I was searching for what's new in Digital Marketing, I stumbled upon the opening from SkyPoint Cloud Inc., a customer data platform application development company. I couldn't contribute much to the company's part, but I was able to learn a lot more about CDP applications and dive more into web development in WordPress.

    My Achievements

    The best achievement I had with this tenure is learning more about precision marketing techniques using a Customer Data Platform. We can use CDP to excessively reduce marketing investment by targeting the consumers accurately by their behavioural patterns.

  8. August 2020

    After Covid, Started Working On Expanding

    Covid was a disaster for everyone. After around a year of not having projects, I started working on a new client from the learning and development industry. The plan was thorough, preparation was seamless, and execution was outstanding with the support of the client side. I was able to integrate the whole of the expertise I acquired from my life. The outcome was splendid and the client was more than satisfied.

  9. May 2021

    Where E-Learning the key at this time

    U2L Learning Solutions Ltd [Mumbai]

    U2L Learning Solutions Limited, previously known as Future Learning, is a company primarily targeted at retail and logistics-related skills development. They are directly affiliated with the Government of India's National Skill Development Corporation. Apart from that, there has been an advanced system to provide detailed training on the retail and logistics training and certification program.

    My Achievements

    My work has been recognized as the Most Innovative Content Distribution Strategy by ACEF Content Marketing and Creators Awards 2021. For the effort to get into the rural area of India with social media approach. Strategized a virtual convocation event for the internship candidates. Prepared the brand marketing activities at the brand change from Future Learning to U2L Learning Solutions Limited.

  10. November 2022

    Graduated from University

    Bachelor of Computer Application

    A long-time dream come true. Stepping academically into the information technology avenue. I am hoping this would be the change I was waiting for a long walk. Miles to go...

    My Achievements

    The challenge that I made to myself is that I will complete the course full-time and won't opt for a shortcut. The lesson I learned from my best teacher besides life itself.

  11. January 2023

    Looking Forward To More Opportunities

    There is no room for error when it comes to perfection, as without a good client, there are no businesses. I am not in the business of taking on too many projects at once. When someone approaches, they will be expecting me to provide my skills and expertise to their project with quality. I am determined to give it. A few are good enough to have fun in work and life.


I believe in purpose, which improves my work and gives better results.


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